Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Weed Eater

I convinced Hubs several years ago to stop using weed-killing spray. So, now he digs up the dandelions in the front yard by hand...and pretty much ignores the back lawn.  Which is excellent news for rabbits, who love dandelions and other leafy weeds.  I watched this lovely specimen chow down a half-dozen dandelions (flowers, leaves, seed heads) and then go after some other leafy weeds.  A most excellent weed-eater.

Hubs and my Dad went through some last minute details of driving the big RV this morning before heading out to a nearby mall to practice parking.  Hubs aced all challenges and followed it with a pretty long drive on some windy country roads.  Feeling very comfortable driving the RV and looking forward to having some adventures in it.

We are all off to an RV dealer this afternoon to inquire about towing kit for my car so we can tow it behind the RV.  



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