Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Sunshine on a rainy day

Heavy showers this morning kept us all inside, working on various projects.  Then, when the sun finally came out, we dispersed outside to do various projects.  Funny how that works, eh?

Mom and Dad are planning a Big Adventure for Sunday which will involve them finding 7 geocaches in 7 states in one day.  Only in New England can one readily do this, but lots of planning involved.  So, two parents huddled over maps and GPS devices and smart phones all morning, planning the BA.  I did some rather boring banking and a quick run to the grocer.

Today's snap is a male American Goldfinch in full breeding plumage, taken through the window during a rain shower.  Mom and I were in the kitchen nook enjoying the show while staying nice and dry.

Tonight we are all headed out to dinner and then probably fairly early to bed.  Tomorrow Dad and Hubs are planning to start working on installing the towing/braking kits on my car so we can take it behind the RV when we travel.  I'm sure that it will not go nearly as smoothly as the way I've just presented it!

Thanks so much for continuing to stop by.


PS:  In the Extra, Dad and Hubs on the roof of the RV doing important guy things.

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