By Teasel

Musical Pig

School was off today for an in service day., and I had taken the day off.  I had half a plan, but after being awake half the night, I didn’t wake up early enough.  I was still determined to do something, so  after chivvying BB along, we headed off and got the train to Tweedbank – a journey we have never made.  I know I moan about the trains a lot, but it was all very efficient today.  We got to the end of the line (Tweedbanmk0, and then walked into Melrose along the path on the north side of the river.  Although it had been quite grey earlier on, the weather had improved, and we were both a bit overdressed.

BB’s mind soon turned to food and lunch and that was his main focus as we walked to Melrose.  Once there we had to go straight for lunch.  He enjoyed his choice, especially the chocolate cake.  We then went for a  look around the abbey, Harmony Garden and Priorwood garden, by which time he needed an ice cream.  We wandered through the town, stopping for a look in the independent bookshop.  I do like to support independent bookshops, so made a purchase and a couple of birthday cards.  Next stop was a shop for ice cream, then a look at the Melrose Rugby Group, before walking along the river and back to the station.  We got to the station in good time for the train and the journey back was also very efficient.

Once home, I had the pleasure of a  supermarket shop and then cooking.  BB practiced his cello and did some homework.

Later, in a bid to get my new step week off to a good start, I went for a  walk round about in the late evening sunshine.

This is a pig playing the bagpipes which adorns Melrose Abbey.  I also spotted this little pup (see extra).

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