A really lazy day.  There were no sporting commitments to get up for today.  That didn’t stop TT getting up at the crack of dawn to go out for a long run.  I was still in bed when he returned!  The morning passed and I really don’t know what I did, but not very much.  TT on the other hand was hard at work, cutting the grass and a hedge.  BB made a Lego set, that has been waiting to be made for ages.  I eventually popped out to the supermarket, and the rain started.   After a late lunch we drive over to East Linton.  Unfortunately it was still raining.  We walked to Smeaton and dried off in the tea room, before walking back to the car, via a walk around Smeaton lake.  I don't think I have ever walked round when so many rhododendrons were in flower and the Chilean flame tree.

Later we went out for a pre-birthday tea.  BB has hollow legs.  He scoffed his starter, and some of TT’s, then had scoffed his main before I was half way through mine (TT was probably two thirds through his).  BB then ate some of my main course.  Strangely BB had no room left for dessert, which is not like him at all.  However, I had a cheese board, and he was keen to help me out!

We then had to walk home in the rain, just in time to watch The High Life – so funny, but not very PC these days.

These geese, and their goslings, were on the lake at Smeaton.  Does anyone know what the fruit in the extra is?  It seemed to be growing wild, just where we were parked.

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