By Teasel

Looking To Edinburgh

A bank holiday for me, but alas not for BB or TT.  I already had a plan for this day, way before lockdown was even thought of, but that plan will have to keep.  Instead I had a leisurely breakfast – finishing my jar of Fortnum and Mason marmalade that I had fund in the back of the cupboard.  It was well past it’s use by date, but perfectly fine.   Meanwhile I did three loads of washing and only just had enough space to hang it all out.  Alongside a few chores, a reintroduction to surds (BB’s maths topic of the day – I really had to dig deep to remember what they are), a bit of gift wrapping and cake planning – my morning was quite busy.

Once lunch was over, I headed out for a walk.  One thing I have really missed during lockdown is the coast, as I love a beach walk.  Today’s walk took me over to Longniddry beach and back again.  It was still breezy, but warmer than the past couple of days.  The walk there and back is a bit of a trudge along the railway path, but was worth it for a wee wander on the beach.  I didn’t have too long at the beach, as I knew I had to walk all the way back, though took a slightly different route.

I was feeling weary when I got in, but had to go and do a supermarket shop.  TT sorted out tea and also went to check the car as on the very few occasions we have used the car recently, we have received a warning about tyre pressure.

Later there was a bit more wrapping and cake making.

A view to Edinburgh, from Longniddry Beach.

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