By Teasel

Hopeton Monument

I woke up far too early, but couldn’t get back to sleep.  I got up thinking I would read my new book for a while.  I must have read the same page about twenty times as I yawned constantly.  Eventually TT appeared downstairs, at which point I realised I needed to go back to bed for  a while.  I promptly fell asleep, waking up some time later!   Somehow the morning just disappeared.

Later we three headed out for a walk.  It was brighter than yesterday so warmer, but still really windy, but maybe a little less strong than yesterday.  It was my turn to cook tonight and I found an old recipe I haven’t made for ages, and the result was well received.  I shall make it again soon, so I don’t forget about it for so long.

I don’t normally comment on the politics of the day – but we have reached a new low.

I rounded my day off with some more  Normal People.

This is the Hopeton Monument, erected to commemorate a local aristocrat and landowner, by grateful and affectionate tenants.  I can’t imagine that happening in this day and age.

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