Speak Up or Forever Be Silent

Sometimes one has to bow to old age and the inevitable which I did reluctantly today when I took the NHS hearing aid which has lain unused in my drawer for 8 years, back to the Audiology department of ERI to have it checked since it didn’t appear to be working.
Having spent several days with the family up north when I was lip reading most of the time, I decided to bite the bullet and request a hearing test. The waiting list is 18 weeks, so there will be more lipreading for some time yet unless I wish to remortgage the house and go private.
The cost of a fancy hearing aid with mobile phone adjustment connection is astronomical, but the results seem to be worth the thousands of pounds involved. Decisions decisions.......

A friend came to the Dower House this afternoon bearing this posy of Weigela which was just the right size for this unique little container. Is it a jug or a tiny vase? I have no idea either but is a much treasured gift given by another friend a long time ago.

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