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Slippers from Kyrgyzstan

Lesley, the lovely decorator, came today to put primer on the new plaster in the kitchen. She was very positive about the design and made helpful suggestions about how to solve the problem I have with the shelves.

It's been a rather drizzly day with only brief sunshine this afternoon. Not great for the Northumberland Show which I usually attend.

This afternoon I called to see Margret next door. She had just arrived home with Jenny and Tim. They had all been for a walk by the Warksburn then lunch in Wark Village.

Jenny has dementia but is happy in the moment. She loved the boys. She asked again and again about their names and where they came from. She and her late husband, Peter, were great theatre goers, so I regaled her with tales of my recent time in London. She was rapt and able to have a good discussion about the plays.

I took the 3 amigos with me because I knew that Margret had brought back a pair of very special felted slippers from her recent trip to Kyrgyzstan. The elderly woman who made them showed the group all the processes of the felting and explained the symbolism of the goats' horns in the design.

Well, the boys felt completely at home in these slippers as you can see!

When Margret wanted to wear them, they huddled up close, enjoying the feeling of the felt. Margret even stroked and petted them!

Samsung decided today to replace my faulty microwave. I had a long phone call until this was sorted out. Tomorrow I need a phone call to John Lewis so that they will bring the new oven. We will get there - eventually!

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