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By walkingMarj

In and around Humshaugh - 3 amigos

The boys slept well last night, no doubt dreaming of the lovely Kathryn Tickell who stroked them last night!

Today Sara came to help me clean out the new kitchen. That sounds odd - but it certainly needed cleaning. I was hoping to work for longer and start to put things in the cupboards. Unfortunately, we found a number of places where the woodwork leaves something to be desired, so I had to leave it clean but empty until the firm send someone to look at it.

Also, I decided where I wanted shelves in the pantry and I got it wrong. I can't reach the back of the shelves at the far end. It's hard to explain, but it won't do. It will have to be changed.


The boys want to see anything and everything local, so they came with me to the village shop for eggs. The shop is run by our community and is just wonderful. We have free range eggs at a very reasonable price. Sally and Ray were serving and were determined to find a good place for the boys to sit while I photographed them.  They chose the pink bag rather than the red, blue or green. Hope you like it!

Samsung have replied about my microwave but have "invalidated" my email because it contained a forwarded email confirming my order. Apparently they need the order in a jpg ( or a range of formats) except this one. Ho hum. Will try again and see if we are valid!! Rant over.

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