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By walkingMarj

What is Trigger up to today?!

This morning I was preparing for the electrician and plasterer who were coming to do lots of jobs in the house. They worked well, but did not arrive until late morning because they had another job to finish. This means another day of electrical work next week when the new fusebox will be put in.

To be honest the boys were a bit bored. I left them at home while I dashed to town - to the tip, Aldi and Tesco. (I'd forgotten a few things yesterday.) When I left, they were all on a window ledge in the hall and looking through the window, making me feel bad about leaving them.

One hour later I was home and they were looking into the hall where Sara was ironing and her daughter Ebony was helping. Hmh!

When the house was quiet, later in the afternoon, I popped out to see Margret next door. She has a chest infection and I had brought milk for her. The boys came with me (but nowhere near the germs). We walked to the surgery for repeat prescriptions for Mum, Margret and me.

As I was leaving Margret's for the second time, I could not find Trigger. Panic stations. He had jumped out of my bag and climbed some trellis. Here he is looking splendid amongst Margret's clematis.

I had a firm word and we set off home. I stopped to look at our clematis over the archway at the gate to our secret garden. I planted two different varieties years ago and they have struggled. This year they are doing well. Within a flash, Trigger was up the wall and amongst the flowers. Kelso and Rowan were worried and cross with him. He was 4 feet from the ground. They are snuggling in my hand while they watch him, see extra.

I think he needs a collar and lead if we go anywhere tomorrow...........!

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