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By walkingMarj

Sleeping dogs don't lie (for long)!

Today the plasterers came to plaster a wall in Mum's bedroom. They just got on with it, but the dust came as expected. It's another step towards the restoration of normality.

I worked all morning in the new kitchen, washing dusty things and deciding where to put what. The boys were a great help. They are good at drying things.

After lunch I made a quick dash to Homebase to buy plastic boxes to go on the new shelves (in my attempt to be tidy - hollow laughter). I suggested that the boys had a sleep. I could see they were tired.

When I came back, I discovered that they had washed the cloths they had been using and had rigged up a makeshift washing line on one of the kitchen surfaces. (Shame they spilled soil, but, in the scheme of things, it doesn't matter.)

They are brilliant to have around the place. Special treats for them tonight!

Mum's friend and fellow embroideress, Rosemary, came this afternoon. We both have sore knees.

I have bought a new pressure cooker. I love my old one, but it is not suitable for an induction hob. I read it all up and bought a free standing one. I've tried it out tonight, but it took forever to cook some mince. It takes ages to heat up and ages to cool down. If you try to release the pressure quickly, you have hot steam flying about at pressure. Words fail me.

I'm very tired tonight. Tomorrow we have no workmen coming. Hooray!

Samsung are sending my new microwave to me on Tuesday. I will then be in possession of two!! (plus the other two we normally use). Life can become unnecessarily complicated.

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