We are nicely and comfortably settled in Skyscape.....
.....a couple in extras, one taken from inside showing the glass roof and walls, the other taken from outside, the back portion is the kitchen and bathroom (that part of the building has got a grass growing roof).
The place is totally off grid, every mod con imaginable.  We are totally isolated, on private property with magnificent views all around. And so snug indoors even though there are no blinds or curtains.  Its all about the experience, no TV, no radio, there is internet but they encourage us not to use it for too long, but just enjoy the experience.....once my blip is in and that is what I will do.

We have been supplied with two amazing Antipasti platters, one we devoured before going in the outdoor bath, the other will be enjoyed soon, along with a wee wine. 

Unfortunately, the sky is cloudy which is a bit of a shame, but can't do anything about the weather.

Up until we arrived here at 4pm we have had an awesome day with more exploring and with better weather than yesterday.


PS....this was a very extravagant gift from the Saturday bride and groom back in February, even though they paid me as well.....a bit lot spoilt aren't I.

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