By Stella2

Barrow and buttercups

We were out this morning on a very interesting Archaeological Walk.  It started by us meeting at a pub the Hare and Hounds at Putts Corner where we all put our waterproof jackets etc on as it was drizzling.  The organiser was dressed in shorts and told that if we crossed the road it would be sunny.  So we crossed over and as soon as we entered Gittisham Hill the rain stopped and we all took our jackets off.  There is a right to roam over this land most of the year but not many people do probably because its not easy walking.  We were guided by a Heritage expert and also an employee of the Combe Estate who own the land.  It is said to be rather a special place as it contains part of the Broad Down and Farway Bronze Age necropolis and was considered the most important of its kind west of Stonehenge.  

We walked up several burrows some of which had been felled of trees, explored larger circular earthworks such as Faraway Castle ie it was given that name although there is no evidence of it being lived in or used as a fortification and found the Ring in the Mire.  There were several interesting discussions during the walk especially where there are conflicting interests i.e. archeologists will want to preserve any remains and request that trees are cut down if they are growing on top of barrows.  The ecologists however may want to keep the trees to encourage biological diversity and the landowner is also balancing a need to encourage game birds.   This photo is of a Barrow in a Tennant farmers field where the trees growing on top of it have not been cut down and so make for a better photo than a low level bump in a field.  Apparently the Victorians often grew trees on top of them making them more of a feature of the land.   You can just make out the raised level of the barrow where the tallest trees are.

We were allowed to walk across the field full of buttercups which gave a lovely yellow to the view.  I have just spotted the wild flower challenge so tagged this in as well.

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