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By walkingMarj

Parting is such sweet sorrow

The day started with a festival committee. There were only 4 of us so we raced through the business. We have a plan of work for the next few weeks.

Today is the day that the boys moved on to their next host, who is landscapeartist. I tried to tell them that they will have a wonderful time there and a very special new friend, but they don't enjoy the journeys they make in their box.

I wanted them to have a last portrait, but Kelso and Rowan were having none of it. They wanted to stare out at our lovely view for the last time. Trigger always wants to know what is going on, so he turned towards me. You can just see the reflections of Kelso and Rowan in our window and I think you might detect a tear or two in their eyes......

We dashed to the Post Office van after lunch. The postman used to live near Bampton and knows the village where landscapeartist lives. His wife used to be a district nurse based at the Bampton surgery.

So small world.

While I was at the van, a man came with a parcel. I was telling the people there that I'd met the Game of Thrones group yesterday. This man told me he does talks on the Romans. I have his card and he may be a future expert for the Walking Festival. I love these sort of connections. Talk to people and you find out all sorts of useful information.

I've been doing more kitchen sorting this afternoon. I've also been trying to be ruthless with the things I throw away or take to the charity shops. 

I need a walk!

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