Dolly's Day

By dollydoug

Checking out

Had breakfast this morning at the Airbnb. Thomas provided granola, chai seeds, crystallised ginger and blueberries. Very filling. We had a nice chat over breakfast. He said he was off on his travels later this week. First he's off to Romania. Then Greece. Then Venice. Then Colombia.

He told me about his online teaching. He teaches English to Chinese children in China or USA. And also children in Indonesia. His pupils are aged 3 and 4 yrs old. He makes his lessons fun as some of the little ones have a short attention span. He had a lesson at 11am. Chelli a 3 year old Chinese girl.

I explained to Thomas about blipfoto and asked if I could take his photo. He suggested a selfie with both of us. So that's what we did.

I decided to go for a little wander before checking out.

First of all I went to take a photo of the sculpture which is just up the road. Its called "Hands Across The Divide". It shows 2 men reaching out to each other symbolising the spirit of reconciliation and hope for the future. It was unveiled in 1992 - 20 yrs after Bloody Sunday. See my photo in Extras.

The 2 men represent the Unionist and Republican communities. The sad feature is that the figures are not holding hands but almost touching. It is said that once local people are happy that the "troubles" are fully over then the sculpture will be rearranged so that the hands finally touch. I wonder if that will ever happen.

Then I walked to the Foyleside shopping centre and treated myself to an ice cream cone. Then back to the Airbnb to do my last minute packing.

By this time Thomas was online with Chelli. I could overhear the conversation. The lesson was going well and I could hear a lot of "Good job Chelli ", "Good work Chelli". Then she started singing "Let it go" from Frozen and Thomas joined in. When she had finished she started singing it again but Thomas said "No, No, Chelli..... back to the lesson now." I can imagine a 3 year old would rather be singing and playing instead of having a lesson but apparently Chinese parents are really keen on their children learning English. Thomas has plenty of pupils

As I couldn't disturb Thomas while he was giving his lesson I gave him a quick wave and left.

5 min walk to get the Aeroporter bus to the airport. Rachaels Mam gave Rachael and Neil a lift. Our flight was 40 mins late in taking off but we weren't bothered. Neil and Rachael were very weary and stiff so they were quite happy to just sit it out.

We arrived in Newcastle at 5 20pm. Neil's friend "Crazy Wayne" who is a taxi driver came to pick us up.

So home to Tino and Lily after a lovely weekend in Derry. I was a bit dubious about the place before I went but I was pleasantly surprised at what a nice place it is.

The Mono Monday theme is "check" so as I was checking out of the Airbnb this morning I thought this shot might fit. Thanks to laurie54 for hosting.

Steps today - 11,457

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