By TMac

She's Still With Us!

Our scruffy bundle of nonsense, Brisa the Lurcher, is still in remission from the Lymphoma that was diagnosed just over a year ago. We don't know how much time she has, and whether another round of chemotherapy will be needed, but she has no idea of what hangs over her and gets on with life regardless. Perhaps us humans should take heed!

I had multiple opportunities for my Blip today but didn't take my camera out of its bag. I had a busy morning at work so plenty of opportunities for work-related Blips. I visited a friend after work and helped her with her grandson whilst she fed the calves on the farm but I didn't take my camera bag out of the car.

When I got home, Brisa looked sad. It brought to mind a case I saw this morning where a much-loved dog has signs of having Lymphoma. The discussion with the owner brought Brisa's story back to the foreground of my mind.

Straight after that, I had to put an old cat, that I had been treating for some time, to sleep. Hard to handle after the previous consultation, and even more difficult as the elderly owner hugged me as she left.

The best job in the world, but sometimes tough on the emotions.

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