Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

Gee but it's swell

A bit of a corny title I know but we still had a big swell today.  The clouds, wind and rain have cleared which gave me a chance to the put Buzz Lightroom up when I got back to Newie this afternoon.  I saw a whale spout but National Parks have decreed that you can't get too close to a whale with a drone and it really was too far out for me to send Buzz after it.  The crazy thing is those big whale watching boats can get closer than I can with Buzz.  I don't quite understand that as I would have thought the whale would be more affected by a large boat 100 metres away in the water than a tiny drone 100 metres up.   Hey ho.  Anyhoo this shot is to show the swell - it was actually taken right on low tide and those rocks are normally bare.

If you look closely, or perhaps just take my word for it, you can see on that lower bend in the Esplanade the Pasha Bulker sculpture where I was yesterday.

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