The heart of High Street, the reality.

A dull sky hung over High Street today, the mood was sobering as people came out for a little shopping, no holiday makers here just businesses trying to make ends meat. A string of coloured lights is the only festivity on this part of high street although locals have tried to lift the spirits with a bit of local art residing on the fences, art from all ages of the community.

Why is High Street like this, there is only one word - earthquakes.

There are buildings being demolished and rubble to be found, in the gap was the The Lambert Building with the little digital photography shop beside it. While the Lambert Building was not a graceful building, it was still part of this town and held a significant bit of history. It came down and took with it the little digital photography shop - a shop with a little narrow step, a creaky wooden door with a bell which rung once the door was open. The windows looking out into the street were huge and the veranda wide with lovely detailed posts - all gone now, just rubble left behind.

The coming year will see many other buildings coming down, the next will be the Paper Plus building on the left of the image, while the Farmers building on the right is still being decided upon.

High Street today is reminding me of the late 1800's and early 1900's when the early settlers were setting up businesses scattered along High Street as land became available, there were many gaps then to.

High Street today and High Street tomorrow, changing times on High Street.

Thank you to everyone who has stopped by over the festive season, its been lovely to read your words and many thanks for yesterdays spotlight for my early morning sunrise and Cabbage tree, much appreciated :))

I hope your all keeping well and enjoying a few days off work - I'll be back soon :))

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