An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Forgive me for I have ginned...


And I'm not sorry because after a day of full concentration at my art course, I was exhausted.  I'd forgotten how tiring learning is!  

David and I arrived at Gloagburn just before 10am.  He headed off to the Farm Shop cafe to have Eggs Benedict for breakfast, whilst I got settled in their private function room along with the other four eager participants (3 women and a man) who had signed up for Clare Robinson's floral watercolours two day workshop.

After a chat about the content of the two days, and sharing some of her work (WOW!) we chose some flowers from the beautiful selection she'd brought (I chose some Nigella and a peony) and she set us off on a sketching exercise.  I can' remember the last time I sketched and had  forgotten how much I enjoy it.  

Late morning she gave us a demonstration of her wet in wet painting technique.  She makes it look so easy!  She brushes some plain water onto the paper, picks some colour up on her brush and touches it to the water on the paper, moves the brush about (with me sitting on the sidelines thinking I can do that!) and before our very eyes....magic happened.  The most beautiful and delicate flower petal appeared before our very eyes (and it dawned on me that I most certainly can't do that!) 

I spent a short while before lunch putting marks (artist speak for drawing :-) on my watercolour paper in readiness for some actual paint joining them after lunch.  

Lunch was some delicious Gloagburn pea and mint soup and a selection of sandwiches.   I was good and didn't have the scone or shortbread as I guessed David would have bought something for later from the sweet counter (I was right.  Mouth watering strawberry tarts made with Perthshire's finest strawberries.) 

When lunch was over, I couldn't delay it any longer....paint had to meet paper.  

For the rest of the afternoon (apart from Clare's second demo of the day) I tried my best to produce some watercolour painting that mirrored Clare's lightness and deft of hand.  I failed miserably of course, but what I did do was produce some watercolour painting that was delicate for me...I am by nature quite a chuck it on bold painter.

David picked me up about 4.20pm and we drove home via the back roads in the pouring rain.  I think that's probably the first time in seven years I haven't had my camera in hand on that route, hoping to capture my blip.

Thankfully we got home with only minutes to go till the clock struck 5pm.  Yay!  G&T, ice and a slice?  Don't mind if I do :-)))

A relaxing evening watching some tv, snoozing on the chair and thinking about my aims for the second part of the course tomorrow. 

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