Day at a Time

By Tweedy


Had they lived my dad, RSH and his twin sister, my auntie SDH, would have celebrated their 94th birthday today. I have many great photographs of them as children and here are two. The main blip shows them at about age two I think and the extra at maybe 8 or 9. In both photographs they are wearing clothes which my grandmother, an accomplished seamstress, made for them. In the main blip dad is on the right and on the left in the extra. In looks I favour my auntie and these days am often brought up short when I see her looking back at me from the mirror. Happy birthday Ron and Sheila.

These family ties are my entry for Mono Monday with thanks to Laurie54 for hosting.

Thanks to everyone who looked at and commented on my Orkney blips. What a grand time we had.

I'm going to be catching up soon I hope! Off for an eye test now though.

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