By pensionspoet


I’ve got to make this quick, as I’ve just realised there is a new series of Long Lost Family on now! I was in the middle of making a few more cards. It takes me ages faffing about to get the cards how I want them, so not much achieved tonight.

Normal work day, had a quick half hour at lunch in the rain with Henry. He had finished college very early. We left work at just after 4, and we’re home early.

The weather, like everywhere else was relentless rain, so my plans to go to the allotment and tie up my beans are shelved for another day.

Three of us had a dinner of yesterday’s roast leftovers, which made cooking very easy! Jon had an omelette as he’s on a diet. Then I sat and watched the first two episodes of Gentleman Jack, which I’ve been recording, but doing that I think I missed something I’d planned to watch! Anyway, I can’t remember what it was, and now it’s LongLost Family. So I must go, and find the tissues....

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