Recording a moment

By chrisf


Before our holiday, we were a bit worried about the weather forecast, but ended up lucky. The worst forecast day (according to our weather app) was going to be today. 

And it did rain, but mainly first thing.

But with the forecast in mind, today we planned as our Alnwick day. A brief look around the town, and then we visited The Alnwick Garden, followed by the Castle.

The Garden is really impressive. the Duchess of Northumberland and her team have done a fantastic job (I think this may be the first time I have been impressed by the work of a Duchess !). It's run by a Trust, so all proceeds get ploughed back into the Garden and the community projects linked to it. And it's got a philosophy which is very friendly for kids.

There is loads to see,  Which means we did not have too much time for the Castle. The State Apartments are very impressive. The Percy family goes back a long way. And the Castle trades heavily on its links to the Harry Potter films - which I have seen. 

Interesting how many places these days are trading on film/TV linkages. 

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