A wonderful gift of/from a generous spirit!

I woke early with concerns about renewing my car insurance. I’d forgotten it was due despite having had reminders and now it had become urgent. I spent a while checking comparison websites to see if I could get a better rate than the one my current insurer offered and after a few hours I got what IU wanted and saved money. Yay. That combined with the recent MOT not being as expensive as I’d feared made me feel rather buoyant again and lifted my spirits. Little did I know.

Answering a knock at the door l came face to face with the postie who is always smiling. She handed me a small package which I presumed was for Helena, but in fact bore my name. I’d forgotten that last week a rather delightful exchange happened. I glibly commented on a friend’s Blip journal when I saw a picture and then read the references to the delights of imbibing some very special malt whisky. I’ve never been able to afford, or had the opportunity to try, anything other than standard malt whisky, delightful though they have been.

A message came back saying that I would receive a couple of samples of some fine malt whisky. I couldn’t believe it. What a kind and generous offer. I thought it might arrive at the end of this week which was why I was surprised today when it arrived.

Not only did I get many little sampling bottles but my friend had even written copious and informative notes about the particular qualities of each brand. You can see them on them table. I asked Woodpeckers if she would mind posing with one of the bottles, (I’ve only brought out three of the bottles from the box so far!), for a necessary and immediate blip, not really worrying too much as she has not been able to drink whisky for some years. Her former favourite tipple was ‘The Macallan’, but some years ago drinking whisky always gave her hiccups. I am now told that she will be joining me in at least attempting to savour some of these malts, which is not such good news!

So thank you to my very fine Blipper friend, and I hope to despatch an offering to you in the near future, as a small recompense for your generosity of spirit.  ‘Slàinte mhath' to you too.

Note the glorious colours of these first three whiskies. Mmmm. Roll on Friday when the tasting will begin.

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