Wild and Wet Wednesday - Lupin Aphid

So apparently my request for better weather for next week's Scottish Adventure means we have to have the rain this week. Oh well, sorry an' all that. I've had a chance to go over Morrigan one more time, checking oils and pressures and things, along with the occasional pinball fun. 

Earlier I met with a local county councillor who wanted a briefing on our parish council's climate and ecological emergency declaration... I suspect we will be followed by several other parish councils shortly.

Wandering around the garden this afternoon in search of an emergency blip to declare I happened upon one of the Lupins upon which several lupin aphids were cavorting in the wetness. To get some idea of scale, it's on the tip of one frond of one lupin leaf. 

The bad thing here is that lupin aphids can reduce a plant to its stem quite quickly. The good thing is there were very few, Janet having gone at them with the soapy brush earlier in the month.

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