A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Peaceful haven.

Out hotel is right opposite the entrance to the Alhambra Palace. You can imagine the area is very busy.

We had a free morning so set off to walk into town but took a detour into the Alhambra grounds by the Alcazaba and the incongruous unfinished palace of Charles V.
Seeing the signs to the Parador de Santa Catalina we made our way up to its lovely calm and cool terrace for a coffee. The view is up to the Generalife summer palace and gardens. We walked around the Parador gardens before heading back to the hotel and really felt we had found a haven away from the tourist throng.

After lunch we had a timed tour of the whole of the Alhambra starting with the summer gardens an Generalife. The whole tour was fabulous and lasted 3 hours during which we saw everything. I mainly remember the fantastic interiors of the main palace, from our previous visit and they didn’t disappoint on second seeing. The private rooms are particularly stunning with stucco walls and ceilings above tiled bases and fountained courtyards.

After a quick refresh and a welcome cuppa we boldly took the bus down to the centre of town and back up to the Albaicin quarter, the former muslim area opposite the Alhambra, to get a good view looking back and have dinner. Succeeded in both, The Sierra Nevada are the classic back drop especially when topped with snow. We have seen they still have a but if snow on them but they were topped with cloud tonight.
A great final day. Even had a couple of Arab influenced dishes for lunch and dinner. Meat incorporating nuts, fruits and honey are the main components.

Sad to be leaving the sun tomorrow, even sadder we have to be up early to do it! Thanks for all your stars hearts and comments.

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