A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Spanish flowers.

Couldn’t resist sharing these flowers with you on Flower Friday.
This is a Pomegranate flower but the normal ones are just plain orange. These produce fruits that are not edible so are just grown for the flowers.
It was just outside our hotel near the entrance to the Alhambra Palace. I think I would call it a Flamenco flower!

Inside the palace grounds yesterday we saw or rather smelled the scent of a Linden tree, we had smelled the same tree the night before on an evening stroll. Had to ask what it was. I’ve heard of them but not seen them before and the scent was very strong for such a small flower. Extra.

Also by the hotel, but everywhere else too of course, were pink Oleanders. White ones too. We were told they were planted to keep down the bugs by one guide and by another that they were planted in the centre of the roads to stop the animals crossing. Think I’m a bit sceptical about both!

Home now and very tired after along day. Need a bit of a sleep as family are arriving - late!

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