Day at a Time

By Tweedy

On the Verge

On the Verge is a Stirling-based voluntary,  community project which works with local groups to establish native wildflower patches, borders and meadows. It's been working since 2010 and the perennial plants are now well established. Evaluation undertaken by the University of Stirling indicates that the perennials attract a much more diverse population of bees than the annuals. People love the annuals of course because of their cheery colours. They attract lots of bees too but  the hardworking perennials consistently outperform them.

This is one of the longest established On the Verge plantings. It's on the slopes of a pedestrian underpass by a busy roundabout. Despite such an urban environment with lots of traffic pollution the flowers flourish.

The day started with dry and occasionally sunny weather. The rain moved in but I'm hopeful that it will move out again. Not warm though. After a very successful birthday BBQ yesterday I had a much less eccentric night's sleep.

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