Fathers Day

A busy day for the father in this house. After archery, Jon fitted the last fence panel so that a sleeper could be put down one side, and the soil could be levelled. Henry added a temporary water feature when he got home, wiring in an outside socket for Daniel’s room and to use for outside use. I was impressed!

Jon’s next job was the back garage door. He took out the old frame and door, and fitted a new one. I make it sound easy, and I suppose he is a qualified carpenter, so knows what he is doing, but it took him several hours. At the end of the day, he had a beer in the garden while I prepared a roast for just 3 of us. I made a lemon meringue pie (without a packet mix!!!) which is one of Jon’s favourites.

After dinner, we drove to the other side of Cromer and went for a nice long walk along the beach. It was 7.30pm and some people were still on the beach, but it was surprisingly warm still. We walked up a million steps to snake our way back through Happy Valley down to the car. Vowing we must do this more often, I guess we always say it. But once a week we must try, while the evenings are light.

Back home we had the pie and cream. It was good - so I added a photo in my collage of the day! Hopefully if all goes to plan I will see my dad next weekend and then we are all hoping to see the Gibbs family for Henry and Sophie’s birthdays, the weekend after.

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