You’re seeing correctly. That section of a head in a hospital bed is me. Twenty-four hours ago I was admitted with a blockage in my colon. I will know in a few minutes if I will be undergoing seems likely.

I called Albuquerque brother late last night and he’s going to make arrangements to fly here but probably won’t arrive until Tuesday.

I got lucky yesterday because they let mom ride in the ambulance. Shortly after I was brought to my room in ICU her bestie, who was the hospital chaplain found me. She was able to get mom home and spend a few hours with her. If I must have surgery, I hope it will be after 11:00. I have someone coming to the house at that time. It’s 7 am right now.  Don’t know what lies ahead.

I hope nickimags888 got my message about mono Monday for this week. Internet is sketchy.

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