Murphy’s Law

By laurie54


Look who's back.  it's Mr. Cardinal.  He found the fresh orange almost as soon as I stepped back into the house.  He and the Missus, as well as the Hooded oriole clan, haven't had much to nibble on the last few days.  I've been having migraines which have kept me either sleeping or sitting in the dark.  Thank goodness I have this Firefox addon which enables me to see blipfoto with the original gray background.

The computer has been acting up and Geek Squad worked for hours on it yesterday.  I've been treating this laptop very gently since the hinge broke.  It only works with the screen at a 90° angle and I have to keep a note on it to remind myself not to try to close it when I turn it off.  I back it up every day so when it does kick the bucket I won't lose anything. 

In other news...well, there really isn't much other news other than our Governor deciding to allow local jurisdictions to decide whether to make the wearing of masks in public mandatory.  The mayor of Tucson did so immediately.

Today's song is dedicated to everyone on this site and why I can't stop coming back.  Please enjoy the Carole King/James Taylor rendition of  You've got a friend
PS If you get an error message, just hit the play arrow.

Interesting but (mostly) useless fact:
Arizona and Hawaii are the only two US states that do not observe daylight savings time.

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