Arizona Dreamin’

By laurie54

AT: Shape

Round is a shape. Oreos are round. I can eat my blip. Sounds good to me.

Very odd day. I was out for much of it doing mundane stuff. When I got home, every time the A/C paused before running again it screeched. All I could think of was that I would have to hide in a grocery store to stay alive.  The guy was here lickety-split. Wouldn’t you know it, the screeching stopped. He checked the unit and it was fine.  I was so embarrassed that I sent him off with a bag of Oreos.

Little while later I had a bag of frozen vegetables in the microwave. The clock/timer panel went dark. Aww, geez. An hour later I went into the kitchen and *drumroll* it was back. The time on the digital display was still correct  

I’m either losing my mind or my house is haunted. I don’t like either option.  You know what will help?? Oreos!!

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