Arizona Dreamin’

By laurie54

The Editor

I was in the neighborhood of the Green Valley News office  so I decided I would drop by to say hi to the editor. I told the young man to tell Dan that Laurie was here for a minute. When Dan came out he looked at me with a “whew” and said he was so glad it was the nice Laurie. He told me that there was the nice one (me) and the one he dreads.

We talked about photography, especially photo journalism, which I would love to have had as a career. I was showing him a few things on my phone and he asked about the three cameras. I know he uses an iPhone and I immediately thought that as editor of the newspaper he should really upgrade. Then I showed him how the portrait mode works by taking shots of him. I chose the one I liked best for my blip and sent him a copy. He wrote back asking who the old man was.

Ever hear of a Dust Devil?  I got caught up in one when I was stopped at a light. It rocked my car so much I thought I was going to die. When it dissipated, all sorts of dirt, dust, sticks and pebbles flew at me. So weird. There’s no wind except for this ten meter wide funky funnel going about 40 mph (or more). It probably lasted no more than 30 seconds from start to finish but it seemed like forever to me. I‘ve seen them from a distance and have gotten caught in terrible dust storms. But this was a first.

For the record, it reached 111°/44° with a humidity of 8%. Winds were calm, the sky cloudless.

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