An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Bench Warmer...

I have spent the day list making for our short break away next week and I am pleased to report that a few to-dos have already been ticked off.  I've also arranged for us to take John (and Norma) out for dinner on Friday night as a belated Father's Day celebration as we didn't get to see him last weekend.

Came through to the garden room after dinner to find Lola warming my chair for me.  How considerate :-))  Only photo taken today as again, any spare time has been spent with a paint brush in hand!  

Also, I am happy to report that Alan finally gave David his Father's Day cards and gifts last night, but he had to take them to another room to open them!  lol There were lots of lovely gifts and when D went through to thank Alan, Alan was absolutely over the moon that his dad liked them all.

In other news, we renewed our car insurance today and are now with Saga Insurance.  We are officially old!  :-)))

Oh, and thirty-six years ago today (!) I was bridesmaid at my (second) cousin John's wedding.  I found the photo when I was clearing out drawers in the study a couple of weeks ago and kept it to archive blip today.  Seems like yesterday! 

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