Off We Go Again

May Bank Holiday means Corfe Castle!!
Because we're nothing if not creatures of habit. 
As I've said before!!!
I had a doctors appointment first thing about my shoulder. She sent me a text while I was in the office to a website from where I can self refer. I did it when I got home so we'll see what they say. No doubt it'll be months away!!
We had planned to leave as soon as the Little Misses got home from school at 4pm, so obviously we left shortly before 6pm. At least they were in their jim-jams and ready for bed when we got there!
We stopped for petrol in Bicester and a quick McDonalds before carrying on down to Norden Farm just outside Corfe Castle.
We rang en route to say we weren't going to get there before 7pm. When we got there - just after 9pm - it was pitch dark and there was a man stood by the gate with a torch, clearly waiting for us. Oops!!
My mum and dad were already there in the pitch next to ours. The Little Misses and Archie were delighted to see them and Elsie.

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