By strawhouse

Corfe Castle

We've had such a great day. I love it here!!
The campsite has a lovely walk leading right off into the surrounding woods and then heathland.. It's beautiful, woods full of wild garlic and bluebells, and then the heath full of gorgeous yellow gorse. Mr K, my mum and I took the dogs for a really long walk this morning which they loved.
We had lunch and then walked into Corfe. The walk is so gorgeous and I never get bored of that first glimpse of the castle through the trees.
At the foot of the castle there's a stream which we always stop at for a paddle. We'd barely got there and the Little Misses' shoes were off and they were in. Unfortunately Miss L fell over and ended up a little too in! She ended up sitting in the water soaked and bawling! Mummy came to the rescue stripping off my blue tunic top for her to wear as a dress. With her boots and hoodie she looked like one of the Viking hordes we met at the castle entrance! (See extras)
I spent the rest of the day with an itchy fleece done up to my neck so you couldn't see my bra. Nothing like a mother's love!!!!
Last year the Viking vs Saxon re-enactment was a pleasant surprise to us, this year it was part of the reason we came. So brilliant!!! 
We timed our arrival perfectly, meeting the Viking (or Saxon?) hordes in the square outside the castle just as they stormed the castle with their prisoners.
Inside the castle was a Viking (or Saxon!) encampment which was so authentic - the re-enactors take it all really seriously and it's like going back in time. Battles, sword fighting, cooking, hand to hand combat, arrow making, stone masons, basket weavers....... All in the shadow of the spectacular castle ruins. Fabulous!!
We had a delicious dinner at The Greyhound in the village and then headed back to the campsite. We sat about in the evening sun for a bit drinking tea before it got too cold and windy to sit out and we all headed inside the vans.
Well the grown ups did, the Little Misses were out on their bikes until well after dark. Dirty stop-outs!!

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