A new roof

Jon has worked all day to first remove, and then replace the roof of the shed at the back of the garage. The one where he fitted a new door a month or so ago. Removing the rotten roof from one end was messy but not too hard, but the far end was hard work, as it was still fairly solid. I did my bit to help (passing tools when asked, holding the wood when he was sawing etc) I think my help was invaluable!

As it was such a lovely day, we got the gazebo out, and with everyone’s help, we put it up ready for the summer. Dad got quite involved, which was really good to see. He hasn’t had the energy for that kind of thing lately, and hasn’t been able to move about much with the gout. Now it is easing, he managed to get up the garden and sat in the sun, while I brought boxes from the shed, of metal bits for him to go through and identify. Just old rusty metal to me, but the Crown Jewels to dad, so it is all going back into the metal boxes for safe keeping in the shed.

We enjoyed pizza and salad for tea, then Jon and I went round to see Jenny, Gemma and Laura.

Everyone is tired, so off to bed quite early for a Saturday. Tomorrow we have a date with the dump before heading home!

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