Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

It's what's for breakfast

This morning, Hubs and I enjoyed a nice chat with my parents from the RV, which parked next to my big pollinator garden.  This is also where Nest Box #5 is located and currently full of 7 feathered nestlings.  Mama was doing working like a slave, bringing insects into the box approximately every 3-4 minutes.  Papa, meanwhile, is defending the territory against a new male who I think showed up several days ago.  This means a lot of territorial singing, some chasing, and occasional contact fighting - it also means that both of his "wives" are completely responsible for feeding the nestlings.  I took this shot from the driver's seat of the RV, window open, lens poked out - it's rather like a giant hide with all the amenities of home!

A cardio day at the gym for me, which consisted of 50 minutes on the treadmill.  Then home for a (much needed) shower and out to a nearby farm for lunch with hubs.  The weather was gorgeous today, a perfect day for goofing off.  Hubs skipped the gym in favor of a 30-mile bike ride.  

I also saw a young blue jay this morning!  He was begging rather hopefully in spite of being completely ignored by what I assume were his parents.  I managed to sneak a close up of his face which you can see HERE on Flickr - just look at that adorable face!

And that is a wrap for this weekend, folks.  Thanks so very much for stopping by.


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