Still Rockin'

By RockArea


We avoided breakfast on board the Armorique and when we got off the ferry at Roscoff we headed straight to the old port for breakfast at Cafe Ty Pierre. We're headed west in a leisurely fashion, stopping of first at Plouguerneau, where we had another coffee. I believe there's a lighthouse there and there may well be but I failed to find it. As you see from my main blip, it was a little misty. I might have walked straight past it or I might have stopped 100 metres before I got there. Who knows?

My blip was taken at Korejou at a lovely little bay where the mist was slowly lifting and just hiding the rocky shore on the other side of the bay. My extra was taken along the coast path while looking for the le Phare d'Ile Vierge.

Finistere (which translates to Lands End) is the extreme west of France has a lot in common with Cornwall which is directly to the north across the English Channel. It has a lot of Celtic names and is a bit wild and isolated from the rest of France. The coast is a bit like the beaches youmight remember in UK 50/60 years ago. 

We're now in Le Conquet staying in a lovely little B & B. I've started a new album for the trip here and I'd be very pleased if you'd take a look at just a couple more shots.

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