By flavia13


Sorry it's an emergency blip today.  Took my new laptop to Kendal today, to CNL where I got it from.  They've had it all day and after me contacting them late this afternoon I discovered that it is having to go back to the manufacturers - Acer as it is hard drive fault.  It is under warranty but could take at last a week!!!!!!!!

At least I am lucky in that I can use Hubby's laptop as it is the only place I have Lightroom now but it took me 30 minutes just to download 2 photographs, this being one of them!!!  Well I suppose it is steam driven and still uses Windows 7.  I can use my old laptop for everything else. 

This means that plans for the week are going to be changed just a bit *sigh*.  

Weather wise we go from one extreme to the other, from being cold to be too hot!!  Well actually it's quite pleasant in places but out in the front of the house on the pavements it's boiling!!!! My sympathies to Europe for their heatwave, it would be too much for me.  I'll just have to go out in the mornings, which is no bad thing.

As you can see from the blip the hydrangea are beginning to look lovely and there are so many bees and bumblies around, it is lovely to hear their buzzing.  Two butterflies zoomed past me whilst in the garden taking this photo but I don't know where they disappeared too.  I've not seen many of them this year, sadly.  Maybe I'll see more now.

Hope you are all OK.  Enjoy your evenings wherever you are and I'll see you again tomorrow - computers permitting of course.

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