It stopped raining today,...

...just long enough to leap out and take a photo of a dry Gully. Can't EVER remember seeing water in it, must look more often.

Herself fancied a look into Lakeland, and since the weather wasn't conducive to do anything but lurk and fester why the hell not? Anyway, it's often worth a visit for the grub and gets me off cooking detail for a meal.

They offered, amongst other delights, l o n g macaroni with prawns, salmon and smoked haddock in a lobster sauced. 'Twas no jest, the perishing stuff was too short to twirl and way too long to sit comfortably astride a fork. Mine all got got halved prior to attacking it yanky style (Throw away the knife) delicious.

They didn't have what she sought and I lied about the rain, we got a few dry minutes to find an excellent hardware shop in Windermere village. Not to be confused with, but near to the lake itself, though almost indistinguishable in the current weather.

Home via vale of St. John where A) this was shot B) There was quite a bit of river on the banks, but nowhere near the last do in 2009 and came perilous close to Bliphood. It/they may yet surface on Flickr.

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