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By walkingMarj

The wedding flowers

Here is an image which shows some of the flowers given to Mum yesterday. It's a long low arrangement, so I have not attempted to show the whole. It is certainly a most beautiful arrangement. I hope the bride and groom had time to appreciate the flowers.

At last we have made more progress in the house.

A decorator came from the insurers and did his best in Mum's bedroom. It is much better and I should be able to have it clean and ready for her to try the new bed by the weekend.

Lesley continued to make my lounge beautiful and has finished the work there now.

Geoff and Chris, from the kitchen company, came and sorted out nearly all the snagging jobs. I have a tap that does not shower me; the freezer no longer threatens to tip off it's shelf when I open the door, one cupboard has a restriction on opening so its door does not clash with the one next to it, the special doors on the high cupboard are working and look good; there are new shelves in that cupboard and the redundant (and very expensive) rubbish bin has been taken away.

The glass has not arrived. After discussion we decided that Lesley will decorate the kitchen and then the glass will be fitted. It's a good solution.

I slept badly last night due to cramp (and I hadn't been walking!) so had a good nap this afternoon.

Tonight was the live streaming of the National Theatre's production of Andrea Levy's Small Island from the Olivier Theatre. It was brilliant. What a terrific production. How sad to feel the prejudice against black people here in the 1950s.  We need to remember that the racism remains and is just under the surface. I was glad I had hankies for the end of the play.

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