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The Gillespie Brothers at The Hearth

Julie and I went to hear The Gillespie brothers tonight. They are a terrific duo and have a wonderful musical bond. We enjoyed the concert. They write their own songs and have included a number of modern and historical injustices in them. Traditional but modern folk music.

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Lesley worked in the kitchen today. Soon it will be completed. Hooray!

No need to read on..........

Today's John Lewis rant:
I had two long phone calls to John Lewis today. I'd phoned yesterday to try to sort out the TV bracket. The second one they sent was also incorrect. Yesterday I was told a manager would speak to me at or after 3pm. That call never came. Today I was told that someone would return my call within 2 hours but the call centre could not contact the Newcastle store. "They have the phones switched to answer machines because they are busy." There is no switchboard at the stores any more. I tried again at 4pm when there had been no call back. I was on the phone for 40 mins and won't bore you with the details. The problem remains unresolved. A manager did  phone later but was someone new and I had to start all over again. She promises action by tomorrow.

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