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By njoyce06

In Danger......

       This morning my neighbors knocked on my door, they had found what they called a barn owl, on the roof, across the street.  Crows were all over the bird, pecking at it and pulling it's feathers.  The Owl then fell off the roof, to the ground and landed in shade, in a building corner where it could defend itself.  It did look like one leg was weaker than the other it was hobbling.

  Now, with the help of a building inspector, we have picked up the owl, put it in a box, per Owls of Ocala.  The owl seem very lethargic.  We brought the bird over to the shade, gave it some water, and now it seems weaker and more lethargic  than an hour ago.  None of the wildlife rescue places I called are willing to help.  One said it's the circle of life, another said it's to far away, another isn't answering their phone, and Animal Control can't or won't assist.
      I have chosen to Blip the Owl today, rather than the bird sketch I completed.   There is another pic of the owl, in the box, in the shade.  It won't even open it's eyes now.

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