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By walkingMarj

As the sun sets

Lesley has worked hard in the kitchen and I am delighted with the colour I chose. I had to be brave to go with this one; I'll no doubt show you when the rest of the work is finished.

I went to Hexham for food, for us and for Margret (next door). She has a chest infection. An enormous lorry had overturned at the Bridge End roundabout, just outside the town and there were traffic delays.

I took the west route out of town home, planning to take the scenic route through Warden. That road was closed, with a lengthy diversion I chose not to take. Home in time for a late lunch.

I've unpacked the last suitcase of Mum's clothes. Some are in a bag for the charity shop, along with some of my own.

I hung the big curtains this afternoon. It is quite a job but I made it.

This evening I walked around the block. It's just 2 miles on road. I met two Australian women who are walking on Hadrian's Wall Trail. 

The sun was low and quite difficult, but the plants in the hedgerows looked splendid.

I chatted with my neighbour, Marilyn, outside her house. We were both amazed to see a hare run across the road and into my garden. I hoped it would run to the far end, hop over the wall and avoid Oscar. Soon afterwards, Oscar was walking towards the house, but did not see the hare. I watched as it crouched down on the lawn, pretending it was not there. My camera had only the 35mm lens on it, so I managed no more than a record shot of its presence.

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