By Kipsie

My name is Luzula pilosa

but my friends call me Hairy Wood-rush, not a very glamorous name considering my beautiful flowers, & tiny too. I was actually on my hands & knees photographing another grass on the estuary bank when this little beauty caught my eye. I did'nt know it so had to do a search when I got back. This was one of a few newbies for me. The thing about going walkabout on your own or with a doggie companion is that you tend to notice more of your surroundings, I certainly do anyway .. A 1 hour leisurely walk can take me 2 hours as I like to stop and look at everything, getting quite excited when I come across a plant or insect. I've got a 10km walk tomorrow with a couple of friends, we're doing the Walk For Life Cancer Research sponsored walk in a fortnights time so thought we should have a training session, we've already made a unanimous decision not to jog/run, & I think I'd better keep my camera in my case otherwise we won't get back before closing time. Ops! Now you know how we intend celebrating our achievement. Coombe Cellars is a beautiful spot to partake of some liquid refreshment on the river Teign estuary, but that is tomorrow.

Today, went like this .. early coffee + a few chapters of The Miniaturist. Page 169 reads like this - quote "She puts the pasty on a plate, drizzling it in grape juice, mutton stock & butter".....  This is late 1600's, Holland. The Cornish reckon they invented the pasty not sure if it was that far back though. Just saying. : ) Then realised that my St Christoper is missing from the chain around my neck. Absolutely gutted. It belonged to my brother who passed away after battling cancer when he was 29. I've worn it on my chain ever since then. No idea where or when it came off apart from it being within the past 24hours. I've searched all over, even walked back up to the hedgerow where we lost Yogi's ball yesterday morning but the chances of finding it in the long grass is pretty remote. Will keep looking though on the off chance.
Breakfast .. granola and almond milk. I did'nt taste any almonds.
Ball retrieval on Hearn field with my mate Yogi, plus search the hedge for St Christopher.
Phone call from Cassiesmum just as I was arriving at the Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust volunteering morning - ragwort removal from the paddocks. "Could I/ would I?" "Yes I can" :)
Ragwort removal from the paddocks while the students do a bit of poo picking then take the ponies down into their stalls, fill the hay nets & water buckets.
Whizz up to Chudleigh, see hubby, change bedding, he cannot get to grips with changing duvet covers .. Love him! Checked he'd been giving all the plants enough water. Tick!
Raced up the allotment .. the broad beans are looking amazing but a tad dry so give them and everything else a good drenching. That took a little longer than anticipated. Picked the first stems from my second wigwam of sweetpeas. They smell heavenly. Forgot to cut the first courgette of the season. Got plans for that one :) A little Turkish meze dish.
Back to Yogi. Lunch for him, & me :) Not the same obviously.
Quick chill out in the sunshine. Phone call from Cassiesmum .. booked!
Back out with Yogi for his afternoon stretch, back, quick shower for me then I headed down into Shaldon to meet hubby & friends for a drink. A fab evening to sit outside watching all the action on the mouth of the river. A Dutch vessel was just heading out, carrying China clay no doubt. Then who should appear but Jorgiesdad, Cassiesmum just parking the car. Hubby & mates headed back home, so I sat with J & C for a while, put the world to rights then the sun went in and it turned a bit chilly. Time to head back, well, a couple of days ago I was checking out the local chippy on- line, opening hours and reviews etc. Good reviews so worth a visit, and tonight I just happened to be passing the door, and nothing planned for my dinner so .......... . I had a bit of a laugh with the lady who I would think was one of the owners, bought my fish & chips & headed off to a bench on the riverside to eat them. The best fish & chips I have eaten in years ...A beautiful piece of fish with a lovely light crispy batter coating & only £7 .. They would have cost me £11.50 in my local and not half as good as these. I could'nt eat all the chips so emptied them onto the grass for the gulls to enjoy.
Another action packed day. Roll on tomorrow!
Good night!

Thanks to osuzanna for hosting this month

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