By Kipsie

I know what to do with comfrey

.......... make tea. Looks tasty does'nt it, but blackcurrants, I've got approximately 6lbs. I need to Google recipes. I did'nt get around to looking today as I've been busy. A pretty full on day, starting at the allotment,  as I waiting for the sun to break through to add a twinkle to the Blip pic I potted on some Salix Mt. Aso. A mole had very kindly created some fine soil just at the back of the plot, perfect for adding to my compost mix for the Salix, 10 plants,  then I split a few herbaceous perennials. The stock for the next Rowcroft Hospice sale is increasing by the day .. Forgot to mention I got a FB message from a lady in town yesterday afternoon, she had only just spotted the ad for the sale on the local FB page but wondered if I had any plants left. I met her up on the plot where she bought 10 plants, another £20 for the kitty. The total plant sales now total £222. I walked up to the plot this morning, so leaving there I walked into town grabbed some shopping then home.
I spent the morning tidying the garden, cutting down the spent giant foxglove spikes, collecting the seed, as you do. :- ) Clearing the foxgloves has opened up the bed. The foxgloves were uninvited interlopers, they gave a grand display completely smothering other plants. Now I have a few gaps to fill. Picking up dead holly leaves was a painful job, damn are they spiky. Ouch! Dying Allium heads, I cut down Purple Sensation, left christophii. Added a few more perennials to the borders, a few gaps to fill, but not sure what to add. I might need a garden centre/Hill House nursery visit.
Had a phone call from Jorgiesmum, no beaver hunting/spotting today, she was calling from Torbay hospital, where she was getting herself checked over. 
After lunch I dropped hubby's prescription out to Bovey Tracey, on the way back I stopped off and cut a few hazel sticks for Mum's climbing French beans. Dropped them off, Ashley, my neice, was visiting with her 2 little ones, Norah & Eliza. Gosh she's got her hands full, not naughty, just full of beans ... She was the lucky recipient of my latest courgette harvest. The pairs of children's leggings retrieved from "THE" Ikea bag & laundered, perfect size for Eliza. Another result.
Right then, I need to check for blackcurrant recipes.

Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting Abstract Thursday

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