By suehutton


I wish I could transmit the scent as well as the photo, which is a double exposure.

Rosie bought the jasmine plant in the early noughties. We planted it near the wall. It has become profligate, and is even now prising open the soffits, even though in the past it has been cut back severely every winter.

This year, Len didn't get round to pruning it back and it's gone wild. So many delicate pinkish white flowers with a wonderful fragrance which seems to be strongest early in the morning when I throw open the conservatory doors.

Still not feeling great. Went to Loughborough for a haircut taking Basil in to say Hello to Ros and Daz, then back to Shepshed to collect Len and Colin for Len's birthday tea at St Joseph's Tea Rooms up near the Abbey. Colin was thrilled with the book of photos of his garden.

Once we got home, I retired to bed where I finished My Life as a Rat. Thought provoking and utterly believable.

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