By suehutton

Flowers for the Missus

I resolved today to take a 'street' photo. Basil and I went into Loughborough to buy prawns and fish, a Cornish sole, which I think will taste super. Then to Aziz for chat and coffee.

A couple came in with granddaughter of roughly the same age as William. They'd known Aziz from way back and had taken him at his word when he said he was closing a few years back and hadn't been to see him since then. We all exchanged tales and stories. I might have let Aziz down with some reminiscences but I do like to repeat the 'truth' that I originally heard.

He takes it all in very good part. Two and a half hours passed very quickly. Basil sat quietly all the while.

Arriving at the bus stop and sinking, literally, on to the bench (the seats are far too low), I remembered I needed to blip 'street.' So I pointed the camera across the street.

Could have done with using a faster shutter speed on this.

Len's rose has bloomed fully (see extra). I took a shot while I could. I suspect petals will begin to fall by tomorrow.

Must go and cook that Cornish sole now and make carrot and coriander soup. We have a job lot of carrots.

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