Life through the lens...

By ValC

“ Innocence “.

Just been watching an amazing game of tennis.
Good on ya Cori Gauff. A star in the making.
Just unbelievable. Saving so many match points in the second set and then winning the third. Superb tennis. A joy to watch.

So after that my blip for today is a little shrub I bought about 12 years ago from Houghton Hall, Notfolk.
Philadelphus “ Inocence”. A variegated mock orange blossom. Lovely perfume.

A beautiful warm summer’s day with lots of sunshine.
Shopping this morning, some more gardening, and then we have spent quite some time putting together a new bed we had delivered. (For the spare room)
I knew when they said it would only take 20mins. they were telling porkies!
Feel good now we have finished though and with the mattresses on it fits in perfectly.

Have a good weekend everyone. Hope the weather stays fine.

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