More sad than silly

I had to go to PetSmart again to buy more litter for Minkelina, and I saw this little hamster there, alone in his cage.  He seemed to be chewing and kept it up the whole time I was looking at him.  Perhaps it is a nervous habit.  I like this photo because it shows his cute little paws.

Another lovely day at the library. Thanh was not there, but I worked with a Taiwanese man named Boh who has the same focus - pronunciation and fluidity of conversation.  He turned out to be the husband of Nada, with whom I worked a few weeks ago and we talked a bit about my advice to her to look into online degree programs.  Then he read an article from the New York Times on my smartphone and I corrected his pronunciation and defined some of the words.  Like so many speakers of Asian languages, he lets the ends of words trail off instead of pronouncing the consonant - that makes it much harder for others to understand him.  I suggested he look for some articles that interested him and bring them to tutoring next week.  We had a very enjoyable session and I would be happy to work with him again.

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